Danger ! You're in the Friend Zone !

Danger ! You're in the Friend Zone !
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Friend zone ... that's sucks !! When you're in, so much difficult to go out. But sometimes you don't really realize you're in the friend zone. The pictures below are quiet explicit but I'm sure that boys on the photos do not have realize that they are in the Friend Zone ! Poor guys...

1) Difficult to be more clear

2) Beautician Fiend Zone

3) You see ? You're not useless

4) No need office in Friend zone

5) Who says Piece of shit ?

6) Why don't you give her your hat too ?

7) Always ready to help friends

8) Petite girls have a lot of charm

9) I'll keep your bag, your drink and your phone. Have fun !

10) Poor kids

11) No luck man...

12) The human bridge

13) Can you take my bags ?

14) The chair man

15) The weight of love on the shoulders

16) A chair man again

by Lox On the 25 01 2016
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